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Computer Aided Designer specializing in architectural metalwork.


Randall Designs was founded by Adam in 2012, he promised himself and all around him he would do what it takes to create a company that can be trusted by all and would provide a service that was reliable, fast and pleasant to work with.Adam Randall has been in draughting since he left school, he started off working at one of the top steelwork companies around the south of Dorset where he started off using 2D AutoCAD design software, draughting commercial cladded steel framed buildings, after 3 years he then moved into to 3D CAD design working at a specialist stair, balustrade and architectural metalwork company. After a few years Due to the recession he was made unemployed for a few weeks, during that time he was made various offers of design positions around the south, one position to run the drawing works at another well know architectural metalwork company, there he learnt to quote and cost projects, fabricate and install projects as well as handling all drawing works for the company, this created a firm basis that he implements into his design process today.

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4 Quarterjack Mews, Wimborne Minster, United Kingdom

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