Tivoli Theatre

Wimborne Treasure

Art deco theatre showing both film and live stage performances including stand-up.


The Tivoli was built in 1936 as a cine/theatre and the tradition of showing both films and live stage shows continues to the present day.Big audiences for major shows were traditional at the Tivoli and the theatre has once again achieved the status of a major 500 seat venue. Local people enjoy the finest and latest films available and with full surround sound.The Tivoli is justly proud that for a theatre of its size it has brought productions to this area which would not have been thought possible back in 1993. The feedback from artistes and agents backs up the claim to this phenomenal success.Plese check out our website for the latest progamme.

Contact Info

West Borough Wimborne Dorset BH21 1LT

01202 885566