Wimborne BID is an open and democratic organisation accountable to its levy payers.  To ensure that it runs effectively it has regular meetings.  There are two kinds of meetings 'open' and 'closed'.

'Open' - meetings, by the very name, are open to all levy payers to attend - to make their views known about the BID and to make suggestions for improving busines within the town.  These meetings are advertised on the website, details sent to levy payers by email and press releases to local publications.

'Closed' - meetings are restricted to board members and committee members.  These meetings ensure that the business plan is implemented and the BID operates in accord with good practice.  There are three types of 'closed' meetings:

1 - Board Meetings are currently held monthly and attended by the elected Directors, appointed Directors, invited observers, and the administrator.  Their purpose is to set the policy and ensure that the business plan is carried out.

2 - Committee Meetings.  These are held by the various sub committees to develop ideas and carry out the board policy.  The composition of the groups is made of of Directors and volunteers from levy payers and, in some cases, interested individuals with particular skilss.  If any levy payer would like to be considered for a committee please contact the Chairman of the group that they would like to join.

3 - Project Group Meetings.  Fron time to time a specific time limited project may run and can include those people detailed in 2 above.

Email invites may include more detailed information and updates on the planned meeting as changes can occur leading up to a meeting e.g. start time or location.  The best way to keep updated is to provide us with your email address.

Please note that for open meetings, we would usually ask you to provide us with a response to advise if you are planning to attend.

This helps us enormously with arranging the room/venue size, seating and in some cases food.  Please DO LET US KNOW, if you plan to come, otherwise we could find ourselves unable to cope with the numbers.

Meeting Minutes
If you would like to see minutes to any of our meetings please email office@wimborne.info.