"I am pleased to report that following a lengthy consultation with the Wimborne business levy payers and a positive campaign to renew the Wimborne BID for a further 5 years we have been overwhelmingly elected with a positive vote. 81% of businesses that voted, did so in favour of the BID, which represented 81% by rateable value. This is our best result since the BID was formed.

I would like to thank the BID board of Directors and our BID manager Tammy Sleet for all the hard work and time they have put into making this election successful.

I would like to thank all of you who voted yes. For those who were less certain, we hope to convince you that as a business community, we will take Wimborne Business Improvement District forward together, and deliver our business plan, ensuring Wimborne continues to be a thriving commercial town for the benefit of all who work, live and visit the town.

The hard work now follows in delivering our business plan and we look forward to working with all the stake holders during our next 5-year term."

Martin Pate,
Wimborne BID

The BID renewal ballot takes place between 7th January and 4th February 2021.


Our vision is to create a town for businesses now and in the future, with enhanced connectivity, a clean safe environment and the town promoted with events which will help every business thrive.


This plan sets out how we plan to achieve that and what will be lost if you decide not to vote for another BID term. It sets out our ambition and vision for Wimborne and the actions that the BID proposes to create a vibrant business environment.


Since the start of the F­irst Wimborne BID in 2011 the Board has worked hard to create a more engaging, connected, safe and successful environment in which to do business, none more so than during the trying times of Covid-19, which has affected us all. Working with businesses and partners, the BID has strived to deliver the previous Business Plan of 2016.


Much has been achieved and recognition has been taken on board of things that could have been better delivered, but there is still more to be done. During the past twelve months we have talked to businesses to understand what they want for Wimborne over the next f­ive years and that response has formed the basis of this plan.


We are now asking for your support again to vote for another BID term so that further improvements and enhancements to Wimborne over the next f­ive years can be undertaken, which will allow our businesses f­lourish.


We are passionate for the town to be seen as the place to visit and to do business and share your aspirations for Wimborne, so please vote for the BID in January so we can continue to deliver this Business Plan.

Wimborne B.I.D Renewal Business Plan


"The BID has been an excellent force for good, not only for Wimborne’s businesses but for the town as a whole.


Not only does the BID promote and market the town but it unites local businesses and can help them to realise and fund their own great ideas, creating further reasons for people to visit and patronise the town.


The BID is heavily involved with local events, supports great causes like Wimborne in Bloom and plays a big part in making the Wimborne Christmas so special, but the BID also has a hand with the little, often forgotten things like street deep cleaning and town maintenance.


With a small workforce (of one!) plus a great team of volunteer Directors behind the scenes, The BID has real clout with local councils and partners such as the Police. As the collective voice for the town’s levy-payers it helps to get issues dealt with more quickly and also has input towards longer term strategic planning.


It’s sad that some levypayers are not aware of all the constructive things the BID has achieved. I am confident that the BID has a positive impact on the town and would be sorely missed if not re-elected.”


Stephanie Richardson, Harker & Bullman Letting Agents

The Ballot

The Ballot:

  • A ballot of defined business ratepayers in the BID area will take place on 7th January until 4th February 2021

  • Ballot papers will be delivered by post to all businesses eligible to vote on 7th January

  • The voter must cast their vote and return the ballot paper by 5pm on 4th February

  • The BID ballot will be successful if the following two criteria are met:
    – More than 50% of businesses that vote must vote YES
    – Of the businesses who vote, the YES vote must represent more than 50% of the total rateable value of all votes cast

  • The result of the ballot will be announced on 5th February 2021


National Lockdown

The BID Ballot needs to go ahead despite the lockdown, as the BID term finishes on 31st March. If you are unable to go to your business and collect the ballot paper, please read the notice of ballot that arrived before Christmas for information on getting a replacement paper.​


All ballot papers must

be returned by 5pm

Thursday 4th February 2021.


BID Directors

The BID Board is made up of a maximum of ten company directors. Six of them are levy payers, one representative from each of Dorset Council and Wimborne Minster Town Council, and two spaces for co-opted members that bring unique skills to the Board.

The current members of the board are:

  • Martin Pate (MJP Law) – Chairman

  • Georgie Boyd (Thirsty Bird)

  • Marge Goymer (Cat’s Protection)

  • Marta Longmire (M & Co)

  • Su Turner (Ouch Training)

  • Carole Chedgy – Wimborne Minster Town Council representative

  • Fiona Harwood – co-opted

  • Cheyne Marley – co-opted

We currently have a vacancy on the Board for one levy payer place. If you are interested in joining the BID Board, please contact the BID Manager, Tammy Sleet, tammy@wimborne.info.

BID Staff

The BID has one full-time member of staff, the BID Manager, Tammy Sleet. Tammy can be contacted at tammy@wimborne.info.

What is the BID?

A BID is a business funded body established to improve the environment to do business in a certain geographical area. Eligible businesses pay a levy into the BID to deliver projects that will benefit them as a business. The projects are delivered through a consultation of businesses and outlined in a 5-year business plan.

Businesses vote on the business plan in a ballot, and if the ballot is successful, the BID levy becomes a compulsory levy on all eligible businesses. The BID levy is 1.5% of the rateable value of business premises.

The current Wimborne BID projects are:

  • Promotion – marketing Wimborne as a destination

  • Events – Supporting events to drive footfall and promote the town

  • Cleaner, Greener, Safer – keeping the town clean, tidy and safe to encourage longer dwell times

  • Business Support – working with the Chamber of Trade on Networking opportunities, providing training, representing businesses, providing useful information.

  • Riverside – Working with the businesses of Riverside.


The current BID term runs until 31st March 2021. Eligible businesses will be consulted on their current needs and an updated Business Plan will be voted on before then.


For more information on the BID projects, levy, boundary, governance and other rules, please see the BID Business Plan.

Contact us:


01202 888992
(due to Covid 19 we are not currently working from the BID office.)

The Wimborne Business

Improvement District (BID)

is a business-led initiative to invest money into the local economy of Wimborne Minster.